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My Entry for Game Chef 2015

June 21, 2015

Well, here it is:

If I did it right that should be a Google Doc that anyone can open, read, and add comments to if they wish.

It turns out that I had a very busy week so only really had a day and a half to work on it.  I think that I was able to put together a playable game though, one I’d actually like to try out in real life.  I couldn’t make it fancy-looking with art and graphics, but such is life.

The theme this year was A Different Audience, and the ingredients included Dragonfly, Abandoned, Stillness, and Dream.  I interpreted the theme metaphorically and made it part of the setting; the ingredients I chose were Stillness, Abandoned, and Dragonfly.  The Dragonfly became a ship sailing on the seas of a fantasy world, where the characters aboard are on a quest for inner peace (Stillness) and risk being Abandoned by the gods.

It’s designed for a one-shot session, where by the end of it the final fates of the characters will be discovered.  I hope you enjoy reading it, and please leave me feedback on the game below.


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