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The Eye of Destiny and Other Projects

Hi Folks, I finished the second draft of the Eye of Destiny, my follow-up novel to Welcome to the Nexus (the novella I talked about earlier, about a guy who has a special talent for traveling to parallel universes). I’m currently working on the next book in the series, Eater of Worlds, which will be the conclusion. I’m still looking for beta readers for the Eye of Destiny, so please let me know if you’re interested.

I also recently completed a short story I wrote at the request of my grandma, a fantasy story inspired by Scandinavian folk tales; it features two types of ghosts, a troll, and one of the fae. I am looking for beta readers for this too, so please let me know if you’d like to help. If you’re a fellow writer I’m willing to return the favor!

What does being a beta reader entail? For me, I’m looking for these things:

(1) Note down any sections where you have trouble understanding what’s going on;

(2) Note down any section where you start to get bored;

(3) Anything you liked or anything else you’d like to share.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear from you!


Edited Cry of the Wilders Post

I put a shorter version of the audio drama up and explained a bit more of what I was aiming for with the game.  If anyone tries the game or just has any impression or feedback, let me know!  I’d love to hear from you

Welcome to the Nexus – the start of a new sci-fi series

Hi All, so I’ve completed my first novella, Welcome to the Nexus, and a follow-up novel The Eye of Destiny. I’m at the point where I can’t make them much better without feedback from readers. That means I’m looking for beta readers! What does it mean to be a beta reader? It’s simple; you read the work and make a note of (1) any place where you get bored or lose interest in the story, and (2) any part where you’re confused about what’s going on, and (3) anything else you note that you either like or don’t like.


Cry of the Wilders: My Game for Game Chef 2014

The theme for 2014 was “There is No Book”, so I used the opportunity to explore the use of audio to explain a game. I wanted to emulate what happens in actual face-to-face sessions – usually only one person has read the game’s book, and then they teach it to the other players. So why not skip the book entirely and get to that core stuff?  That’s what my humble attempt here was about.

The game comes in three files, one audio drama that presents the game’s setting, one play sheet with a summary of the rules, and another audio file of me explaining the rules to some friends.  Here are the links: – this is a shorter version of the audio drama that introduces the setting of the game.  Yes, it’s a bit choppy and amateurish, but it was all a labor of love done under a short time constraint; it gets the job done, I hope.  Everyone who acted in it volunteered and gave generously of their time, my deep gratitude to them.

( – this is the longer audio intro; skip it, it’s a bit too long) – two-sided play sheet with a summary of the rules – audio explanation of the rules with Q&A from my play group. Listen to this while looking at the play summary sheet, above.

The audio files are mp3s, the play sheet is a Word document.  Let me know your impressions – do you like the setting? Does the game system seem like something you’d like to try? I’d love to hear whatever you’d like to share!

Game Chef 2013

I’ve submitted a game, called Finding Haven, here, for Game Chef 2013.  It’s a sci-fi role-playing game inspired by stories like Logan’s Run and alien invasions like V combined.  I’m grateful for any feedback you have, please leave a comment here or on Praxis.  Thanks!

Playtesting has Begun!

I’m happy to say that the rules are in a good enough shape that they can be played with 🙂  I’m currently doing this over Skype with people from Seattle and around the country.  I’m also using the excellent site for the game, which facilitates play with maps, figures, music, and dice-rolling.

My initial request for players was well-received, with 9 people wanting to join the game!  I’ve only accepted 5 so far.  It looks like folks are finding the setting and storyline intriguing, which is encouraging.  I’ll put up a separate page detailing these soon.